Over the past few years, I spoke at several conferences, and had the honour of closing many of them. Here are the recordings.

Debugging the Tech Industry: A Talk about you and me

Closing JSConf Australia 2016 in Melbourne. Video coming soon.

Existing in Tech

Opening Keynote for View Source Berlin 2016 (Storify), and closing Keynote for CSSConf Nordic 2016 (video, transcript and slides).

Works on my Machine: Problem exists between Keyboard and Chair

Closing Keynote for JSConf Budapest 2016 and UpFront Conference 2016.

A Talk about Everything

Closing Keynote for ffconf/FullFrontal 2015.

A Talk about Nothing

Closing Keynote for.concat() 2015; net awards 2015 finalist for “Conference Talk of the Year”. Closing Keynote for ScotlandJS 2015 (video).

This is bigger than us – building a future for Open Source

Presented at JSConf EU 2014; closing Keynote at jsist and ArrrrCamp 2014. Slides.

Some randomly selected Audience Feedback

“You could have heard a pin drop while @lrnrd spoke.” (Shelly C., .concat() 2015)
“You could hear a pin drop in here at #ffconf” (Remy S., FullFrontal 2015)
“You could hear a pin drop.” (Glen M., JSConf Budapest 2016)
“You could hear a pin drop during @lrnrd’s #upfrontconf talk” (Stuart M., Upfront Conf 2016)

Other talks