Work with Lena

I’m an effective, empathic team builder who deeply cares about people, and I thrive on helping the people in my team be successful. I’m always interested in learning about interesting opportunities, and am also available for consulting and coaching.

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email hi / thisdomain / com.

Areas of work that I’m interested in

  • Working with teams of managers and supporting them in their work with teams to help them succeed
  • Building, growing, and hiring for remote or co-located teams in tech companies
  • Cross-cultural, asynchronous and synchronous communication
  • Facilitating learning and professional development across organisations
  • Facilitating, growing, shifting company culture
  • Change management
  • Working with organisations and supporting teams through stages of growth
  • Facilitating inclusive environments in which diverse groups of people can thrive´
  • Knowledge Management
  • Nurturing and adapting processes across teams and departments
  • Fostering strong feedback culture
  • Public speaking
  • I speak German (native speaker), English (business fluent), as well as French and Spanish (basic)

Beliefs and values that guide my work

  1. People first. In the end, people always matter most. Openness, caring, participatory management, and fostering trust-based relationships through clear communication help put people first in what we do.
  2. Diversity and inclusion matter. Striving to be more diverse and inclusive is the only right thing to do. Only diverse teams in inclusive organisations can build appropriate solutions to the problems that humanity is facing.
  3. I’m here to serve, support, and empower people. I’m here to help people, teams and organisations succeed. Setting clear expectations, goals, coaching people, and holding each other accountable helps us grow together.
  4. Learning matters. Organisations, teams, and people greatly benefit from continuously learning, and all of us need to keep learning from each other.

More about my past work, roles, responsibilities

Best to be found here on LinkedIn.

I’d love to learn more about…

  • Growing and scaling inclusive culture.
  • Inclusive change management
  • More ways to support engineering teams.