Leadership coaching

I provide empowering coaching for successful, resilient leaders in fast-paced environments that want to transform their teams and organisations. I hold you accountable to your growth, help you tap into your and your team’s full potential, and support you in showing up as a leader for your team. Contact me to set up a free sample session, and let’s do great work together!

Coaching with an experienced engineering leader

Where the rubber hits the road, where great ideas meet reality, and where big questions require rapid, yet thoughtful answers, and where your teams need you to show up as a leader: I’ve been there, many times. I now use this experience to coach leaders from early-career managers to executives on topics such as

  • navigating highly complex and ambiguous challenges
  • leading teams through times of high change
  • transitioning to a higher-level role
  • identifying your career growth path and navigating changes

My coaching approach

In my coaching practice, I combine a set of tools to deliver the best experience for you and the most effective learning:

  • Coaching: Driven by curiosity and a deep desire to understand, I use open questions to understand the challenges you’re facing and partner with you on approaches to address them, ultimately to to help you unlock your potential and accomplish your goals.
  • Mentoring: Sometimes all you need is a straightforward answer, advice, or a perspective on what works or doesn’t work. My deep operational experience expands the exposure and insight you’re able to gain through our sessions.
  • Systemic perspective: Leaders constantly navigate, influence, and design organisational systems – and the systems impact leaders. Improving your ability to navigate organisational systems is key to increasing your operational effectiveness.
  • Resources: I will share resources from my extensive library of articles and books on engineering- and engineering leadership topics with you as follow-up for our sessions where useful, in order to support your further learning.

Leadership is about handling ambiguity and change, making difficult decisions, and providing guidance when there’s no easy answers.

Meet your coach

Learn more about my background and work here. You can also check out this page to read some articles I wrote or talks I gave to learn about my philosophy and values.