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I run trainings and workshops for teams and manager cohorts! Find out more about the events below. Becoming a successful change leader — London, June 2022 How to react to and drive change effectively as a leader when the horizon is constantly evolving. — Find out more & register on the LeadDev London site!

A playbook for managing & leading in difficult times & crises

This is a playbook for managing and leading in difficult times. It covers areas like leadership checklists, a 360 guide for management in difficult times, and how to communicate effectively, including a communication template for crisis communication. Everything in here is based on my experience building and running organisations in a variety of management roles,… Continue reading A playbook for managing & leading in difficult times & crises


I spent the last decade growing engineering leaders and building high-performing co-located and distributed engineering organisations during hypergrowth, most recently in VP Engineering roles with CircleCI and Travis CI. Now, I am dedicated to supporting engineering leaders through coaching and consulting, from new managers, to Directors and Executives. I’m also a former software startup founder… Continue reading About

Transformational leadership coaching

I provide empowering coaching for successful, resilient leaders in fast-paced environments that want to transform their teams and organisations. My offer to you: A free introduction session that includes discussing your goals, as well as sample coaching. A custom coaching curriculum & roadmap: Leaders’ roles, needs, and challenges vary greatly, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.… Continue reading Transformational leadership coaching


I have built, grown, and run several high-performing distributed engineering organisations over the last decade, both colocated and globally distributed, and teams of startups in various sizes and stages from seed- to late-stage. Partner with me to help your organisation reach its next level. Some of the areas that teams typically hire me for startup… Continue reading Advisory


Let’s build something great together! Reach me directly at contact@lenareinhard.com or fill in the form below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

A Talk about Nothing

Closing Keynote for.concat() 2015; net awards 2015 finalist for “Conference Talk of the Year”. Closing Keynote for ScotlandJS 2015 (video). Have you ever looked at the stars at night?Have you ever been far away from city lights, stood somewhere outside, and looked at the bright sky above you?Have you ever felt the chill of the night, and soon forgotten… Continue reading A Talk about Nothing