Talks & keynotes

Over the past eight years, I have delivered keynotes and talks at numerous conferences across the globe in front of thousands of people, in-person and online, as well as participated in and moderated panels, and published articles. Watch me in action in my previous talks, I also published a guide for preparing conference talks.

Speaking at your event

I’m a passionate storyteller with a deep experience and always interested in new speaking opportunities to help others grow. My engaging, inspiring, action-oriented presentations regularly receive top ratings at events and positive remarks on social media. They are always tailored to the event and your needs, and I work closely with organiser teams to ensure the best experience for your attendees.

To inquire about speaking at your event, please use the contact form below or email

Previous talks

If you’re interested in seeing me on stage, some highlights:

Expertise areas

Areas which I routinely speak about from my work with teams & organisations include:

  • Hypergrowth & sustaining engineering organisations in times of fast growth
  • Engineering hiring and how to do it well
  • Team building
  • Measuring engineering productivity
  • DevOps and agile transformation processes
  • Organisational change
  • Navigating career changes
  • Engineering leadership growth, roles, and transformational leadership
  • Engineering career development & career frameworks
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in engineering organisations


Audience feedback

The single most powerful talk I’ve ever seen. Thank you @lrnrd, for rightly challenging everyone who works in tech. #ffconf

Attendee, FFConf

wow! standing ovation for @lrnrd! I think her extensive, hard hitting cultural critique really resonated with the audience

Attendee, Concat Conference

Wow! Great talk. So much good info and a challenge to grow!!

Attendee, QCon Conference